Week 13 – Finally!

My old blueprint has been working overtime the last couple of weeks and I have procrastinated about writing this blog.  It’s silly because not writing Week 13 has held me up from writing Week 14!

Anyway, here I am now and I feel good about writing.  I had to go back to Master Keys to re-familiarise myself with Week 13 and low and behold….I found some very powerful stuff!

In a previous blog, I mentioned that the old me was very good at shooting myself in the foot and when I was successful at something, could be anything, I became fearful that I could not keep it up which resulted in the slippery slide to failure.  Well here it is! Week 13/16 “if we fear disaster, as fear is a powerful form of thought, disaster will be the certain result of our thinking.  It is this form of thought which frequently sweeps away the result of many years of toil and effort.”

All my toil and effort, washed away by my fearful thinking!  I had to prove myself right so I kept thinking that nothing good could last for me and of course, it didn’t!

I had the same thoughts about my relationships with men!  I have continually thought that men couldn’t be trusted, they weren’t worthy of my respect and they would always let me down (sorry to all those wonderful men out there….I know you are there!)  My father had constantly let me down so I figured all men would be the same and I carried it with me for a lifetime! And of course, just as I predicted, I have been let down and disappointed every time!  What a waste of time and energy! Now I know that by finding happiness and harmony myself will allow me to make others happy, leaving me open to a relationship with a man based on mutual love, extreme liking, admiration and respect. Yippee….I can’t wait!

Week 13, I learned that The Universal Mind and I are one and that I must give in order to receive.  It makes sense that we are one.  If the Universal Mind is omnipresent (everywhere) then it must be within me (and everyone else) and if it is omnipotent then so am I all powerful and if it is omniscient then it must see all that I am and do.  It follows that, through my connection with  the Collective Consciousness or Universal Mind, I have the power to set in motion anything that I constantly think about.

Wow….we have been going over this stuff for 15 weeks now and and I have my Ah Ha moment, and the penny drops because I have procrastinated about writing my Week 13 blog!

We take something good from everything that happens.

I am so grateful that the Universal Mind and I are one…there’s my next Gratitude Card.


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