Week 14 – Living in Denial?

When I first read the part in Master Keys, Week 14 which discusses denial….I thought it meant that if you have a negative thought that you were denying, simply attaching the smallest amount of emotion to it can bring it about!  I got a little nervous about this!  There are things I don’t think about because they are negative factors in my life and, after reading this, I interpreted it to mean that because I don’t like to think about them, they must be emotional thoughts for me (and they are) and would be brought about anyway simply because I am emotional about them!  I was just a little distraught then and set about thinking how I could counteract this! Read on Collleen!

Thank goodness I didn’t spend too much time on this before reading on.

Denial is slow progress…..but good!

I quote, “….denial of unsatisfactory conditions will not bring about instant change.  A plant will remain visible for some time after its roots have been cut, but it will gradually fade away and eventually disappear……the withdrawal of your thought from the contemplation of unsatisfactory conditions will gradually but surely terminate these conditions.”

We often hear, “Oh, she’s just in denial!” and it is interpreted as a negative way to live.  I know I am in denial about some things…I don’t think about them.  I also know that I am actively working, persistently, lovingly and enthusiastically towards a new life that is beautiful and productive for myself and others.  I am working towards making a huge, positive contribution to the world!

I can now do that two ways….replace the negative thoughts with positive thoughts while work persistently on the things I need to do to be successful. And wipe away from my mind, the worry and concern I have about certain things in my life by denying them!

I love this stuff….I am now able to live in denial!

I am so grateful for this MKMMA experience.


6 thoughts on “Week 14 – Living in Denial?

  1. Caryn Elizabeth says:

    That is so funny Coleen when you said “I can actually live in denial”.. haha.. What you learned is so good. To deny the negative is another way of saying “to ignore” the old blueprint. Great advice. Thanks for sharing with authenticity! CE

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